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How Rickson deals with time

How do you handle the time factor? Do you race against it? Do you cling to the past? Or do you live life without even thinking about it?

Once, during an interview, Rickson Gracie was asked about the matter. It was for an article about his ideas and experiences, published as the cover story for the prestigious magazine Trip, issue No. 163.

“How old are you?” asked the journalist Bruno Torturra Nogueira. The answer came with a high dose of wisdom.

“Sheesh. I forgot a long time ago,” Rickson laughed. “It’s part of my way of thinking not to say my age.”

“I believe in mental strength, and educating your mind to repeat your age is a great flaw,” he appended. “You fit yourself into an age that takes you out of a timeless perspective. I have no problem with having been born in 1959, but I don’t know how old I am. If you say you’re 30, 50, you put yourself in an unconscious situation that you can no longer do what you used to do at 15. I prefer to answer that I’m ready to perform any activity for people aged 18 — or a hundred. What matters most is to be ready! Ready to be a child, reckless, responsible, and for whatever life demands. Otherwise, you start limiting yourself. I don’t have a problem with growing old. I’m ready.”