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Roy Barcroft never used BJJ in the Old West

Who was beaten up the most in cinema history?

The other day, a cinephile went over the data, added up the punches, divided by the knockouts, and announced: it was Roy Barcroft, who played the villain in hundreds of B westerns between 1937 and 1957. 

Born in Nebraska, Barcroft fought in World War I, and was a rancher, a sailor and a saxophone player in Chicago clubs. That is, until he became the villain of all villains, a master of falling, dusting himself up and returning with just as much confidence in the next film. 

Coming to blows with criminals and cowboys is an activity better left in the past, but in a tribute to old Roy—who was one of the most gentle actors ever to arrive in Hollywood—today we bring a simple, effective lesson by Master Rickson Gracie, so that you and your students never get caught unprepared by a cowardly strike. Yippee Ki Yay, friends, and enjoy your training.